Boil and bite teeth whitening trays

Teeth Whitening Trays Thermo-form- 2 Pack

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Thermo-Form [ Boil-n-Bite ] Teeth Whitening Trays -

THERMO FORM teeth whitening tray or better known as Boil-n-Bite is made from a polymer that softens in hot water and then it can be formed and mould to the shape and size of the teeth. It is an essential part of teeth whitening routine when applying teeth whitening gel to the teeth. Read full instructions here for making exact impressions of teeth. Due to the wilting action, one size is suitable for all as the tray will stretch for fitting.

If you've never customised your own tray before, fear not! You can learn more about it here. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will have your own customised trays that will serve you well time after time of use.

There's also a useful video here showing you how it is done! Although they are not the same make of trays however method of customising them is the same so it is worth your while watching it if you are not sure about it.